Peabody Public School Education Fund

$ 100,000 - $ 3,000,000   Multiple opportunities

As threats to the Earth’s biodiversity and environment grow, and the world becomes more technologically advanced, knowledge and understanding of science takes on a greater and greater significance. Since 1925 the Museum has provided hands-on programs for over 30,000 K-12 students each year from across Connecticut and adjacent states. The Museum also provides in-depth year-long professional development for teachers on topics as diverse as the Connecticut landscape, biodiversity and global change, and vector-borne diseases. More recently the Museum has begun to focus on programs for youth during after-school hours and in the summer. This time is an invaluable opportunity to engage students in activities that enhance their understanding of complex scientific issues and explore interests in more depth. Gifts of $100,000 would create an endowed fund in support of these efforts. A gift of $1,500,000 would endow the Assistant Director of Education and Outreach, while a gift of $2,000,000 would endow the Director of Education and Outreach.

Schools and units supported by this opportunity:

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