Catalyst Fund for Critical Environmental Issues

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A major threat to American democracy is the growing gap between the increasing scientific and technical content of public policy issues, on the one hand, and the declining public understanding in science and technology on the other. This gap is evident in the environmental arena, where issues like climate change fail to receive adequate attention from both the public and political leaders. Environmental issues are increasingly complex, but public understanding of them has not grown with this complexity.

The Catalyst Fund for Critical Environmental Issues aims close the gap between scholarly research and public policy, especially regarding climate change and related energy issues. Gifts to build significant new endowment will help the School reach several key goals: 1) improving public discourse and understanding of issues relating to the environment and sustainability; 2) linking basic science and policy research to decisions made in the public and private sectors; and 3) raising the profile of the School in ways that increase the impact of research results and other School outputs. These initiatives will typically involve extensive leadership efforts with School stakeholders and external constituencies in business, academia, government, research centers, NGOs, and the media.

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