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Since its founding in 1866, Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History has enjoyed worldwide acclaim for its dinosaur skeletons, mammal displays and natural history collections. Today, the Peabody Museum houses more than 12 million specimens and artifacts representing more than 600 million years of the history of the earth and life on the planet. The collections include scientific treasures in paleontology, zoology, botany, anthropology, entomology, geology, ornithology, meteorites, mineralogy, and scientific instruments. These collections are at the heart of university teaching and are a resource for scholars at Yale and around the world. Beyond its primary role supporting the academic curriculum, the Peabody Museum serves as the primary conduit of Yale science programs to the public, welcoming over 150,000 visitors each year, including many thousands of primary and secondary school children from across the region.

Remodeling and updating the Dinosaur and Mammal Halls, known together as the Fossil Halls, is the highest priority at this time. These spaces host some of the most famous and spectacular original dinosaur skeletons in the world, alongside other amazing fossils, while continuing to celebrate the murals of Rudolph Zallinger, The Age of Reptiles and The Age of Mammals. The dinosaur and mammal skeletons will be cleaned and conserved, restored, and remounted into dramatic and dynamic poses that will tell stories of feeding and hunting behaviors. Hundreds of additional specimens will be added to the displays. The exhibit will incorporate the story of oscillating icehouse and greenhouse conditions that helped to drive evolutionary change during the history of life on the planet. Donor support will be essential to restoring the Peabody’s Fossil Halls.

Opportunities within this category:

Hall of Dinosaurs $ 15,000,000
Hall of Mammals $ 10,000,000
Dinosaur Hall Apatosaurus Exhibit $ 5,000,000
Dinosaur Hall Mezzanine $ 5,000,000
Dinosaur Hall Archelon/Tylosaurus Exhibit $ 3,000,000
Dinosaur Hall Stegosaurus/Allosaurus Exhibit $ 3,000,000
Mammal Hall Mammut (Mastodon) Exhibit $ 3,000,000
Mammal Hall Megacerops/Hoplophoneus Exhibit $ 3,000,000
Dinosaur Hall T-Rex/Torosaurus/Triceratops Exhibit $ 2,000,000
Mammal Hall Moropus Exhibit $ 2,000,000
Dinosaur Hall Pteranodon Exhibit $ 1,000,000
Mammal Hall Large Centerpiece Case Display $ 1,000,000
Mammal Hall Media Table $ 500,000
Fossil Halls Permanent Case Displays $ 100,000 - $ 500,000
Peabody Renovation and Expansion Group Plaque $ 75,000 - $ 15,000,000

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