Center for Industrial Ecology at Yale

$ 100,000   Multiple opportunities

Established in 1998, the Center for Industrial Ecology at Yale brings together faculty, students and visitors working in the growing field of industrial ecology, addressing issues such as climate change, natural resource use, and pollution. Industrial ecology is the study of the flows of materials and energy in industrial and consumer activities, of the effects of these flows on the environment, and of the influences of economic, political, regulatory, and social factors on the flow, use, and transformation of resources.

The Center for Industrial Ecology provides students with tangible skills in environmental management and the analysis of the environmental impacts of products and organizations, along with experiences working with industry and organizations on practical case studies. Center researchers are deeply involved in the mitigation of global warming and the development of a circular economy, ensuring that future generations will have similar access to natural resources as the current generation. Donor gifts, in the form of immediately expendable current-use funds, will defray program and research costs and support student projects.

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