International Clinical Partnership

$ 50,000  

The Yale School of Nursing is currently involved in three international clinical partnerships that provide hands-on learning experiences for students and critical benefits for the host communities. Donor support is essential to ensure the continuing viability of these and future partnerships.

  • Pediatric Health Screening in Managua, Nicaragua—Several years ago, Yale School of Nursing faculty established a school health clinic at La Escuelita, a school in the poorest area of Managua, Nicaragua. Students and faculty now travel there at least once per year to provide annual health screenings and referrals. Ongoing research includes a child development study and a broader effort to understand how the context and culture of these patients contribute to their health.
  • Nurse Midwifery in La Romana, Dominican Republic—This annual experience includes faculty and students from a number of advanced practice nursing specialties who provide health screenings for needy local residents and conduct research projects. Opportunities for professional nursing collaboration with U.S.-based and Dominican health professionals are provided on site. A short-term goal is to expand the program to include educational programs for Haitian health promoters who provide basic health care in remote Haitian villages.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong—Each year 8-12 Yale School of Nursing students receive immersive education in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Nursing. Students work with Kwong Wah Hospital’s TCM Clinic as well as the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, which is purely Western in its approach. The goal is to encourage advanced practice students to understand the impact of cultural beliefs on health care.

A part of the Global Health-Yale School of Nursing opportunity

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