Large Courtyard, New Residential Colleges

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In keeping with the residential college tradition, large courtyards will anchor both Pauli Murray and Benjamin Franklin colleges, with the Pauli Murray College Large Courtyard enclosing 19,500 square feet and the Benjamin Franklin College Large Courtyard 17,000 square feet.

Each of these landscaped yards will serve as a focal point that connects the college’s major ceremonial and common spaces, including the head of college's house, the dining hall, the common room, and the library. The large courtyard will provide a frequently-used site for formal and informal gatherings of the college community. Arched passageways will lead from the large courtyard to a series of smaller courtyards, providing circulation to every area of the complex. The site and building design will maximize the amount of sunlight in the courtyards, enhancing both the exterior and interior spaces and helping to sustain the landscapes.

A part of the New Residential Colleges opportunity

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