Benjamin Franklin College South Tower, New Residential Colleges

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A key element of the new colleges complex is a rich skyline encompassing three towers. Such towers are a characteristic convention of collegiate gothic architecture and a familiar feature of numerous buildings across Yale’s campus. In the new colleges, the towers have been placed to punctuate the pattern of the buildings, identify important functions and destinations, and delineate important intersections. They will be easily visible from other parts of campus and help link the old colleges to the new.

In Benjamin Franklin College, the South Tower will mark the southernmost section of the college complex, near the intersection of Prospect and Canal Streets, and will serve as a welcoming landmark. Visible at a considerable distance, it promises to become part of Yale’s geographic vocabulary, as students adopt it as a convenient meeting place. At the side of the tower is a stairway providing pedestrian access to the Farmington Canal Greenway. The interior of the tower will house residential suites on six floors.

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