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West Campus supports some of Yale’s most innovative research, with institutes that translate basic discoveries into solutions for some of the world’s most pressing concerns. Offering ready-made laboratories and flexible warehouse space, the campus provides an ideal environment for faculty, staff, and students to incubate new ideas. By design, its programs are interdisciplinary: scientists and scholars collaborate there on projects that bridge chemistry, biology, and the physical sciences. They also team up to explore Yale’s cultural heritage collections and to preserve the world’s treasures.

To maximize the potential of West Campus, Yale needs new endowments that can help to bring the best people to its laboratories and support their activities. Endowments offer a permanent resource to recruit leading scientists, fund their research, secure the latest equipment, and sustain their work at the highest levels of excellence.

Since 2007, Yale has established seven research institutes on West Campus in the areas of cancer biology, nanobiology, microbial diversity, chemical biology, systems biology, energy sciences, and cultural heritage. A gift to name one of these institutes will provide unrestricted endowed funds to support the innovative research pursued there.

Opportunities within this category:

Cancer Biology Institute $ 50,000,000
Chemical Biology Institute $ 50,000,000
Energy Sciences Institute $ 50,000,000
Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (under development) $ 50,000,000
Microbial Diversity Institute $ 50,000,000
Nanobiology Institute $ 50,000,000
Systems Biology Institute (under development) $ 50,000,000

Schools and units supported by this opportunity:

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