West Campus Core Facilities


The West Campus is ideally positioned to support interdisciplinary research bridging chemistry, biology, and the physical sciences. Using existing laboratory facilities and cutting-edge instrumentation, core facilities that implement sophisticated research methodologies will be integrated with the activities of the West Campus institutes to accelerate the pace of discovery. The fundamental research expertise in the cores will additionally be a resource for the entire university. To maximize the potential of West Campus core facilities, new endowments are needed to bring the best people to Yale and support their activities. Endowments offer a steady flow of funding to recruit leading scientists; sustain innovation in ideas and techniques; ensure the flexibility to respond quickly to unexpected opportunities; and maintain operations at the highest level of efficiency.

Yale has established four core facilities in the areas of genome analysis, small molecule discovery and siRNA screening, analytical chemistry, and computation. These facilities will support the activities of the West Campus institutes and scientists throughout the university. A gift to name one of Yale’s West Campus core facilities will provide unrestricted endowed funds to support the innovative research conducted within the cores.

Opportunities within this category:

Center for Genome Analysis $ 25,000,000
Center for Molecular Discovery $ 25,000,000
High Performance Computing Center $ 25,000,000
West Campus Analytical Chemistry Core $ 25,000,000

Schools and units supported by this opportunity:

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